Macanese Beef Recipes (11)



See this recipe for vermicelli soup with meatballs

Mung Bean Vermicelli Soup

Sopa de Aletria

Braised Soy Sauce Beef with Pork Belly

Bife de Panela Teresa

See this recipe for Braised Beef with Pork Belly
See this recipe for Seared steak with Macau savoury bread and onion stew

Seared Steak with Bread and Onion Stew

Açorda de Macau

See this Garlic Beef Stir Fry recipe

Macao Garlic Beef

Bife e Alho de Macao

Deep Fried Olive-Ham Stuffed Steak Rolls

Bifes Recheados

See this recipe for Deep fried steak roll with olive and ham filling | Bife Recheados
See this Beef Loaf recipe

Beef Loaf

Pão de Vaca

See this Mince filled Potato Croquette recipe

Potato and Meat Croquette

Croquete de "minchi"

Savoury Snack

See this Minced Meat and Potato Stir Fry recipe

Beef and Pork "minchi"

Carne Picada "minchi"

See this Deep Fried Meat Pie recipe

Deep Fried Minchi Pastry

Empadas "Chilicote"

See this Beef and Mint Meatballs recipe
See this Macau Salt and Pepper Steak recipe

Beef and Mint Meatballs

Almõndegas de Hortelã

Macao Salt And Pepper Steak

Bife Sal-pimenta de Macao

Savoury Snack

Savoury Snack