Macanese Dessert and Pastry Recipes (22)



See this Macau Meringue Pudding Recipe

Meringue "Molotof'" Pudding

Molotof com Doce de Ovos

See the recipes for Soft Centred Coconut Cookies

Coconut and Nut Cookies

Beijinhos de Coco à Moda de Macau

See this recipe for Macau Holiday Fruit Cake Recipe | Bolo de Frutas Secas

Holiday Fruit Cake

Bolo de Frutas Secas

See this recipe for Macau Agar Mixed Jelly Treats |  Gelatina Agar Agar

Agar Agar Jelly

Gelatina Agar Agar

See this recipe for coconut milk pudding

Coconut Milk Pudding

Pão de Leite

Sponge Cake with Coconut Drizzle


See this recipe for Macao steamed sponge cake with coconut frosting
See this recipe for egg cream dessert

Egg Cream with Golden Raisins

Doce de Ovos com Passas

See this Macau Coconut and Pine Nut Filled Cookies

Coconut & Pine Nut Filled Cookies


See this Corn Starch Biscuit recipe

Corn Starch Biscuits

Biscoitos de "Corn Starch"

Orange Pudding

Pudim de Laranjas

See this Orange Pudding Recipe
See this Mini Coconut Tea Pie recipe

Coconut Tea Pies


Little Pine Nut Cakes

Bolinhos de Pinhão

See this Pine Nut Cup Cake Recipe
See this Yam and Coconut Cake recipe

Yam and Coconut Cake


See this Deep Fried Sweet Pastry Twists recipe

Fried Pastry Twists

Bicho Bicho

See this Yam and Coconut Cake recipe

Yam and Coconut Cake


See this Pineapple Cake recipe

Pineapple Cake

Bolo de Ananas

See this Macau Coconut Rice Pudding Recipe

Coconut Rice Pudding

Arroz Doce "Baji"

See this vanilla and anise biscuit recipe

Vanilla and Anise Biscuits


See this Fried Sweet Vanilla Pastry Curls recipe

Fried Pastry Curls


See this Almond and Coconut Cake recipe

Almond and Coconut Cake

Bolo Menino

See this Orange Cake recipe

Orange Cake

Bolo de Laranja

See this coconut milk custard recipe

Coconut Milk Custard

Bebinca De Leite

Macau Coconut Chiffon Cake | Bolo de Coco

Coconut Cake

Bolo de Coco