Macanese Soup and Side Recipes (13)



Portuguese Bread Rolls

Papo Secos

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Mung Bean Vermicelli Soup

Sopa de Aletria

See this Macao Pressed Spring Opnion Rice Recipe

Shrimp and Vermicelli Soup

Sopa de Lacassá

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Pressed Spring Onion Rice

Arroz Carregado

See this Macao Potato Kale and Chorizo Soup Recipe
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Yam Fritters

Fofinhos de Inhame

Potato and Kale Soup

Caldo Verde

See this Macau style Choy Sum Recipe
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Vegetable Fritters

Pastéis de Vegetais

Choy Sum Macau Style

Choy Sum de Macau

See this Mince and Potato Croquette Recipe

Salt Cod Rice Topping

Chut-ney de Bacalhau

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Salt and Szechuan Pepper Dip

Lotus Root Soup with Pork Belly Broth

Lotus Root Soup

Caldo de Lingua

Potato and Meat Croquette

Croquete de "minchi"

Minted Cauliflower

Couve-flor Frit